Race Season Approaching

Well its here.. Finally? Seems like summer has passed by in the blink of eye, but with July 4th quickly approaching I’m realizing that maybe I’m not as fit as I would like to be. That could be a slightly unfair statement as I definitely feel rested after taking time off in the early part of the summer to heal up injuries that likely resulted from over training. On the other hand I feel slightly under prepared for what the next 3 months promise me in terms of racing. Due to the injury I have not run more than about 60 miles a week up to this point, though this current week should trump that. Fortunately the first race up is Mount Marathon, and due to my biking I would say my climbing is stronger than in previous years.

I’m still nowhere near what I would have liked to be, but the way this year is shaping up, it may just be a rebuilding year. ¬†For comparison, at this point last year I had logged nearly 1700¬†running miles where as this year I’m sitting at just over 1300. Surprisingly my total training time is up by nearly 50 hours, but a majority of this is due to weight training and PT sessions that were absent last year. I have managed to nearly double my vertical gain though, so that could speak to my feelings of stronger climbing for 2015 its up from 170,000′ to just over 310,000′. Its hard to know specifically how all these changes will affect me. On one hand I could come in rested, albeit without the leg speed I’ve had in previous years. However, on second glance at the race schedule I really don’t have any races that will require true road running leg speed. One could argue that Lost Lake requires speed, except that I don’t really plan to truly ‘race’ it, I’m only running because my company is sponsoring a team.

So with all that the only other race that might require speed would possibly be UROC in September, which is far enough off that I may be able to pull everything together and get myself into some decent speed work. If not, TNF50 will be the perfect finishing touch to the season considering I will have ample time to prepare, and should be able to get some good simulated course work in now that I know what is in store.