Recovery, Should it be so painful (mentally)

It’s incredible how time flies. The past month and change has been riddled with time off (from running at least, but not biking) and travel for work. Starting May 1st I dropped running altogether in an attempt to allow these lingering injuries to heal, with the plan to pick things back up and make Mount Marathon and Crow Pass successful. Rather than sit around and sulk this entire time I have traded my training over to cycling, which has quite possibly been a blessing to my mountain running fitness(more on this later). While Road and Mountain biking do not bring me the same level of enjoyment that running does, I have managed to maintain my fitness level while unloading my body of running.

Overall I would say that I likely have made progress while recovering from this injury. I’m finally getting back to pain free running and enjoying myself, as well as my training more than I have in 8 months or so. Though I may have increased my fitness, I am cautious to think that I will have a great race at Crow Pass for a couple of reasons, but primarily my lack of mileage. I hope to make a full run on the trail in the coming weeks to fully diagnose this injury in regards to the race, as well as my overall fitness level.

As for the mountain running side of things, I guess biking has really helped. I’ve set my fastest climbing times since picking up cycling, the reason for this I am unsure. It could have to do with the reduced training load on my legs, leading to better training performances, or potentially just the fact that cycling is better for your leg muscles in regards to climbing. Either way, in the future I hope to better incorporate bicycle workouts into my training and recovery. Ideally I would get in 3 to 4 hours a week of biking, but we’ll see if that actually materializes throughout the season though.

Hopefully I can be better about keeping this up to date from here on out…