Training 4-13-2015 Summary

I spent most of this week trying to soak up the 50 mile training run that Lake Sonoma 50 developed into. Aside from sore feet and what now appears to be some Achilles tendinitis of some form I feel mostly pretty good. I should mention that Sunday I puked after a TAT run with Allan, Cody and Matias, but this could have been due to all of the alcohol consumed the previous night and hopefully not some form of lingering stomach issues I experienced at LS50.

I spent a large part of this week focusing on climbing, as I will for the next couple of weeks before shifting back to trail speed sometime around the TAT Race. Climbing has long been my weakness, but because I drew a slot for Mount Marathon (MMR) I plan to shift a bit more focus onto climbing in an effort to have a strong showing at MMR.

The foot injury has continued to linger, so I plan to possibly take this upcoming week off from running altogether and shift to a bike, in hopes that things will finally heal up. With no long races in the near future I feel that healing up this minor injuries will pay dividends upon the beginning of the season, I may even pull out of the first couple races this year if things persist, but I’d like to avoid that.

Here is a quick summary of this past weeks numbers:

4-13-15 training summary