Training Summary 2-16-15

Well things are finally on the mend I suppose.

The tendons in my foot appear to be healing fast enough that I can get out and run, so I have been taking full advantage of this odd winter we are having in Alaska this year! 50F in February up here is absolute insanity and has created some interesting running/training conditions on the trails and the mountains. I’m still fat in terms of race weight, I think the only way to resolve that will be to crank up the mileage to full capacity for a week or two, and that will likely feel ‘good’.

Monday: 9 Miles Mid day + 4 Mile cool down

Tuesday: 4 Miles Lunch + 1 Hr PT

Wednesday: 4 Miles Lunch + 12.5 Miles Treadmill run

Thursday: 5 Miles Lunch + 1 Hr PT + 6 Miles easy

Friday: 5 Miles Lunch + 9 Miles Easy

Saturday: 10.5 Miles Trails + 5.7 Miles easy warmup/cooldown

Sunday: 10 Miles of Mountain/Hill intervals – 6200′ Vert Gain