Training Summary 2-22-15

Week 2 at full running capacity.

My foot remains to be sore, but hasn’t hampered my running in any way. I was hoping for to put in 110 miles or so this past week, but ended up taking Thursday afternoon off, and missed part of my Wednesday night mileage. Those two losses resulted in me only managing a hair under 91 miles, which considering that 3 weeks ago I wasn’t running at all is somewhat remarkable I suppose. Ideally I would manage around 100 or more miles this week, which shouldn’t be hard as long as I don’t miss any workouts.

It looks like I will be able to get in at least one solid week at the end of this month when I travel to Sedona for a week. There will be a large group of us, but most everyone else will be going to compete in the Crown King Scramble. The opportunity to put a 130+ mile week a couple weeks out from Lake Sonoma made this an easy decision, plus the added benefit of hanging out with some of Alaska’s fastest dudes should make for a fun running trip!