Training Summary 3-2-15

Things are more or less back to normal on the training front. After pulling off 100 miles with a decent amount of quality and seeing my HR at various paces I can comfortably say that I am back to full capacity. The weather has been all over the place lately, making running around my apartment kind of tricky due to standing water on the nearby trails.

One night I elected to put in some miles on the Crevasse Moraine/Matanuska Lake trails, which was quite interesting as it turned out to be a complete slopfest out there.

Saturday Ben and I completed a route up and over Lazy mountain and along the ridge line to an unnamed peak between Lazy and Matanuska. It would have been a solid training run, but the wind made it nearly impossible. It turned out to be one of those runs where you weren’t sure how much further to go, though in the end we finished up the whole route without too much trouble.

I’m looking forward to some time off here in a couple weeks when I will be traveling to Sedona to train for a week at a friends place. It appears that the last day of the trip will be a running adventure in the Grand Canyon with some of Salomon’s Sponsored athletes that are in Flagstaff for a team camp! Maybe I can talk my way onto the team for 2016 if I’m lucky.




Here are the totals for this weeks training: