Training Summary 3-9-15

I’m going to roll a short race summary into this training summary due to the smaller nature of the race, and my reduced weekly volume for the week. Saturday was the inaugural Crazy Lazy mountain race in Palmer, which entailed summiting the mountain through the traditional route, then descending the via the smith trails. The route was originally thought to be around 7 miles, but as it would turn out was only 6, with 3600 vertical feet of gain and loss. I managed to have one of my strongest climbing days I can recall, holding most of the top guys within a couple minutes, a position I was comfortable with considering my downhill ability. I managed to quickly overtake the first couple of guys Ben Ward and Barney Griffith fairly quickly, but Ben Marvin and Lyon both had killer down times as well, so I never managed to catch them. Matt and Kenny got a little lost and I nearly managed to pass Kenny, but just didn’t have anything left in my legs for the last mile to the parking lot on the rolling hills. All in all it left me feeling pretty good about where I stack up with some of the Mt Marathon big shots. Ben is easily a top 10 guy and Ben, Craig and Barney are all right there in the top 20, so if I do manage to get into the race I might have the ability to put in a solid race performance. I’m hoping to put in a couple more climbing focused weeks after recovering from Lake Sonoma in preparation for the summer mountain racing scene.

At any rate, here is this past weeks numbers:

training summary